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Chinas First Light Quantum Computing Company Tuling Quantum Complete Hundreds Of Millions Of PRE-A

On November 10, the first light quantum computing company in China announced the completion of hundreds of millions of PRE-A round financing, which was followed by Junlian Capital, SME, Amber Capital, Jiaotongyuan Fund.

This round of financing will mainly use the research and development and flow of the programmable light quantum chip, and the commercial land of the quantum algorithm.Previously, Lenovar Star had a chart in the quantum angel wheel.

Tuling quantum was founded in February 2021, 2016, was founded in February 2021, mainly based on lithium niobate film (LNOI) photonic chip and femtosecond laser direct write technology, which developed a light quantum chip that can integrate large-scale photonic lines.

In recent years, the light quantum computing track has been favored globally.According to research institutions, 10 months ago, 10 months ago, the global quantum technology company financing $ 2.8 billion (total of 34) is 2.8 times the $ 1 billion financing in 2020, of which quantum computing company finances nearly $ 2 billion.

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